10 easy to prepare snacks for lunch

10 easy to prepare snacks for lunch

At Crawford Childcare we are often asked what lunches to bring for snack times. The children are provided with a breakfast and hot lunch as part of their care at the pre school service as required. Other snacks are supplied from home depending on the child’s appetite and circumstances. So we have taken a good look at existing children’s lunch boxes and have come up with 10 easy to prepare snacks which are perfect for taking to pre school.

Sandwiches whether open, wraps, rolls or sub are very popular and can be filled with a whole variety of foods. Add some salad and use wholemeal bread where possible. To make the sandwich more attractive why not try cutting into a design using cookie cutters!

Bagels are also a top choice and delicious with soft cheese. Or how about a pizza bagel. Just halve, add pizza sauce, cheese and grill. Allow to cool and pop into the lunch box.

Rainbow lunches are great to look at and provide a range of vitamins and minerals. Pack the lunch box with different coloured foods like strawberries, bananas, kiwis, blueberries and grapes. Yum!

Pretzels are another alternative to sandwiches and bagels.

Food/ cookie cutters can be used on foods other than sandwiches. Try making cheese shapes. Maybe place on a slice of carrot for a cheesy crunch.

Fruit kebabs are a tasty treat. For a large size use a wooden skewer and add bite size chunks of fruit. For a smaller treat use a cocktail stick. Cheese and grapes are a tasty combination too.

Leftover soups and stews from your own dinner can be brought in. One of the adults will be happy to heat up any food requiring it.

Jacket potatos filled with cheese, beans or even tuna are very nutritious and once cooked at home can easily be heated at the pre school.

Pancakes are a favourite too!

Pasta and risottos are also easy to reheat.

We hope this has given you some ideas. Why not share yours with us?

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