A visit from Iggy and Co. to Crawford Childcare

A visit from Iggy and Co. to Crawford Childcare

The babies had surprise a visit from our lovely friend Iggy the dog recently. He also brought along Noelle (local vet), Laura (local vet nurse) and Daisy (guinea pig) from Cashman & O'Driscoll vets. The babies were playing outside when Iggy the dog came in. This allowed the children to come in and meet him as they wanted.

We were surprised that the children that don’t have dogs or other animals at home were the first in! It was a great experience for the babies as it was some of their first times actually seeing a dog up so close! The children appeared to be having a brilliant time and were laughing and smiling during the visit! The expressions on some of the children’s faces as the dog licked their hands while being fed were priceless. It was even fun washing our hands afterwards.

The staff and the children in the baby-room, the toddler room and Montessori all enjoyed Iggy’s visit and had a fantastic time interacting with him and Daisy the guinea pig. It was the younger babies that didn’t have a dog that were the most fascinated by the dog. They fell in love with Iggy. Ellie especially loved Iggy and she was lifting his paw, lying on the dog, rubbing him, feeding him and even holding his lead as if she was going to walk him!

Everyone at Crawford Childcare would like to say a Big Thank You! to Noelle the vet and Laura the nurse who had great patience when bringing their pets to visit us. They were amazing with the babies as well as the older children and we really enjoyed our time with them! We were sad to see them leave!

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