Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts


Recently in the toddler room we had some messy fun painting on a large roll of paper, generously donated to us by Spohia’s mum – thank you! We covered two tables with the paper and we also upcycled some plastic containers and paper tubes that the children had brought in.

Arts and crafts are part of the many daily activities here at Crawford Childcare in Glanmire. The children have lots of fun and the activities are more than just to develop their creativity. Arts and crafts can also aid their cognitive, physical, language, social and emotional development.

Robyn pressed very hard with both hands on the paper tubes to make sure she got plenty of paint on them. She stamped many circles onto the covered table and told us she made brown with her red and blue paint.

Roisin asked for more red paint "please" and told her friends that it will be her birthday soon.

Mia and Zach both wanted the plastic cup to print with and argued about who had it first. They soon agreed to share and proudly told us to look at their work. Ellie walked around the table to create more images and Robyn moved over to the empty seat next to Luke.

Adam mixed the thick brown paint with his paper tube like a brush and stamped lots of circles. He did not want another colour. He laughed loudly as he made his marks. Luke soon decided he would use his hands instead and began painting his face too. Cleverly Seamus and Aine found some tea-pot lids to make their circles using their pincer grips.

Afterwards we hung the large finished art works onto the line to dry and the parents were able to admire the group effort when it was time to go home.

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