Breaking News at Crawford Childcare

Breaking News at Crawford Childcare

There have been a lot of ideas for a name for our rescue horse. The children, parents and staff have all contributed. It has been a difficult task but we have made a shortlist that includes Buzz, Twinkle Toes, Rebel, Tickles and Oreo. Everyone was invited to vote on their favourite, every vote counted as it has been a close run contest. The actual name will be announced shortly! Find out more about the new horse here.

During class time the Montessori children have been using rocket ships for number recognition and maths skills. Outside, tyres are still proving to be a great learning resource. Some are filled with sand and compost for digging. Others are used in obstacle course races, jumping and balance exercises. We are currently searching for scaffolding planks to extend these activities further. If you know where we could find these please let us know.

The pink tower was introduced to many of the Montessori children this week. This exercise develops fine motor skills and helps children practice control of error. The children are keeping a careful watch on the change in the weather seasons. This has been reflected in their recent choice of arts and crafts – leaf painting and umbrella making.

The children in the Toddler room are making good use of the photographs on their family wall this week. Some children tell stories about their family; others just like to show photos and point. We are lucky to have so many special people and animals linked to our Toddler room. We are learning a new finger play to this song:
“Where are the family?
Where are the family?
Here we are
Here we are
How are you today guys?
Very well we thank you
Run away, run away”

The toddlers are also sponge painting and masking to make family shaped art so they are keeping busy!

Meanwhile in the baby room the children get moving! Outside play is great for this but as the weather gets wetter the baby room team are getting more inventive to create activities to support the children’s developing gross motor skills. The soft play area is turned into an obstacle course to climb over, roll across and crawl through. Cheers can be heard from our keyworkers as they encourage the children along. The children all get a big clap after their efforts too! Our babies’ dance skills are also coming along nicely. There are a lot of new moves appearing as they bop away to nursery rhymes and music.

It has been all go again this week. We are looking forward to lots more fun and learning next week too! Check out next week’s blog to keep posted!

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