Christmas News from Crawford

Christmas News from Crawford

Discovery Room
On Monday Tiernan brought in a countdown to Christmas calendar. This started up a conversation between some of the children about Christmas with saying they didn’t have their Christmas tree up yet.
Some children helped decorate the Christmas tree in the reception area. James shook ‘Jingle Bells’ on the tree while Peig put some balls on and David was asking when we were going to use the calendar. We also spoke about how Christmas is celebrated all around the world and made decorations for the classroom. Some children showed their parents the tree which they help to decorate. On Thursday Tiarnan stared the countdown calendar by moving the parcel onto 25 as there are 25 sleeps until Santa comes to our homes.

Explore Room
One of the children was playing with an empty box and then everyone else wanted it too. In order to promote heuristic play we found some more boxes in different sizes and the children loved exploring them. The children really enjoyed playing with the boxes especially the ones with colourful pictures on the outside. We plan to provide various plastic bottle painted in different colours for them to explore another day. Some of the parent commented that empty boxes were popular ‘toys’ at home too.

Adventure Room
Excitement is building with all the talk of Christmas and especially Santa’s visit to the crèche on 22nd December. He will be here from 10.30am until noon if you are not in on Thursday please do come along when Santa is here! We’ve been looking through the magazines for pictures of things Santa might bring. Some children pointed excitedly to the things he is bringing them. We brought out the musical instruments to help us sing Christmas songs. Tom, Will and Emma’s favourite Christmas songs are ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Rudolf’. Tom’s Mother told us he wakes up singing ‘Jingle Bells’.

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