Crawford Childcare Gets A Pet

Crawford Childcare Gets A Pet

Every year, usually in May the Montessori have a school tour. For the past 2 years the Montessori class have visited Tir Na Si open farm based in Watergrasshill. The farm is only a 15 minute bus trip from the crèche. It is well run, informative and fun. As well as many animals there are fun-based activities based at the farm including outside and inside playgrounds, pony and trap rides and mini golf. Julia, the owner has always looked after us well on the tours of the farm. The children have even helped with feeding the animals under her supervision.

An Aistear showcase in Mallow inspired us to approach Julia about adopting an animal on her farm. The idea is that the animal should continue living at Tir Na Si but we would be given regular updates on its progress and care with access to visit in small groups and on the school tour of course! We see this as a great learning opportunity for the children, promoting animal care and responsible pet ownership.

Cathy visited the farm recently and chose one of the 7 rescue Fallabella horses at the farm. Unfortunately the recession has seen a huge increase in the number of horses needing homes. There are more details on this on

We have adopted a black Fallabella stallion. He has four white feet which make it look like he is wearing socks! He needs a lot of extra care as he has had a hard time. The farm is waiting on the blacksmith’s visit to ascertain his age – we will keep you updated.

Julia says that the Fallabella miniature horse is the smallest and lightest horse in the world. They are considered easy to train, intelligent and are a popular pet choice. They need a lot of care though and we will be learning what this involves. Examples include morning and evening feeding, cleaning their stable, worming, parasite dosing and more. There are no holidays from this care – not even Christmas Day. Animals involve a lot of hard work and it is important that we portray this to the children – especially if they are considering getting any pet!

The children have been shown pictures of our horse – he still has no name! We have been having class discussions on this. We have also set up a suggestion box in the hallway with our rescue horse’s photograph. Please add any of your suggestions here. Alternatively send us your suggestions on Facebook or to We can choose any name except for Charlie – the farm already has 2 of those!

If you are visiting Tir Na Si why not ask after our horse and maybe take a photograph to share with us. Keep an eye on this blog and Facebook for updates on our rescue horse’s progress!

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