Crawford Childcare – Our Activities This Week

Crawford Childcare – Our Activities This Week

This week was the first week of our Montessori year. When a new term begins it is important to encourage the children to respect each other and their learning environment. During circle time our teachers have explained the need for rules. The children made their own classroom rules with the support of their teachers. The teachers then made picture forms of the children’s rules - just in case any of us need to be reminded!

Our Montessori work shelves are denoted by red stars to help the children differentiate between the materials used during work time and play time. The available material is limited to what the teachers feel is appropriate to introduce to the children during the first few weeks. When the children progress these materials will be reviewed and more complex materials added.

Outside work is an important part of our Montessori curriculum. Nature offers a rich and varied resource for learning, wonder and awe. For hot weather please ensure your child has sunscreen which can be left at the crèche. For wetter weather bring a pair of wellies that can also be left at the crèche for nature walks/ treasure hunts on our large grass areas and puddle splashing fun. A waterproof coat with a hood is also a good idea in case we are caught in a shower. Your child can hang these on their own personalised coat hooks. Heading into cooler days please remember hats and gloves too!

Meanwhile the toddlers have been involved in pirate fun this week. The children decorated our outdoor ship/ climbing frame with pirate heads, walked the plank and went on lots of treasure hunts. The children have been practising their “Arrgghh” sounds when they get into character during pirate role play. We also sang a new song; listen out for your toddler singing the following pirate ditty:

“When I was one I sucked my thumb
But I knew what I wanted to be
I jumped aboard a pirate ship and sailed the seven seas
Yo ho yo ho, a pirates life for me!”

In the baby room the children have been dancing in bubbles! The team blew bubbles to encourage the children to move and clap to music. We practised clapping and catching bubbles at the same time! The weather is still mild, this enables us to the keep the doors open for most of the day. This allows the babies the freedom to choose whether to stay indoors or move outdoors as they want.

More fun activities planned for next week!

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