Creative Painting Ideas at Crawford Childcare

Creative Painting Ideas at Crawford Childcare

In a blog last month we focused on Creative Painting Ideas we use in the setting at Crawford Childcare. Once we got started we realised that we actually do much more than one blog can cover. So here is part 2…

Textured painting

Paints come in every colour but are usually the same smooth texture. Sometimes we like to add materials to the paint to increase the sensorial experience in painting. Sand and glitter mixed into the palette with the paint creates interesting effects when painted with. Sometimes we add texture to the painting surface rather than paint. Try painting on sand paper or tin foil for variety.

Blow art

Here the paint is applied to the page and moved to make a design by blowing through a straw. Experiment with different paint thickness – it is a great way for children to start exploring density and force.

Colour washing

Colour washing uses watered down paint and is great for creating a background scene before painting your main design on top. Simply load the sponge with paint and make large sweeping movements to fill the page. Allow to dry and then make a more detailed design on top.

Using hands and feets

Most children love to feel paint on their hands and feet. Children often concentrate on using paint on their own body far more than they do on a page. This is probably due to the body painting stimulating more of their senses. There is a great satisfaction for the child when making prints from their hands and feet which can be used to personalise work and can often be added to to make all sorts of creatures and object designs. Check out one of our baby’s purple hand spider and cute carrot feet in the picture.

Splatter and flick art

Watered down paint is great fun to splatter onto a page using a painting brush. Try using a toothbrush or pipette for different effects.

Water bomb art

This activity is probably best done outside and is not for those who are not able to cope with a bit of spillage. Line an old bin with paper or whatever you want to paint. Fill the water bombs with watered down paint or water with food colouring. Hold over the bin and let it fall. Watch out for the splash back.

Comb painting

Thick paint is best for this. Spread the paint into swirls by using a toothed combed shape made from card.

Marble painting

Make music while you paint by using an old biscuit/ sweet tin lined with paper. Add a few marbles which have been covered in paint, put the lid back on and give a really good shake. Open the lid and remove the paper to discover your masterpiece.

Blob art

Add large blobs of paint to the centre of a page. Fold in half and smooth with your palm. Open out to make a symmetrical design.

Painting with freezer bags

Sometimes children do not like the feel of paint on their hands. Use long handled brushes for painting or for sponge painting, sponges with pegs attached to them to act as a handle. Another mess free paint idea is to enclose the paint and paper in a larger freezer bag. Children can experience the feel of spreading the paint with their hands without getting messy. Once children get used to manipulating the paint materials they usually graduate to more messy type activities with little coaxing. It is a good idea not to wear your best clothes to crèche – just in case.


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