Day Four in Norway

Day Four in Norway

Thursday 16th October 2014

I have met so many inspiring adults on my journey to and around Trondheim, Norway both Norwegian and Irish. The group I am travelling with are a wealth of information and knowledge in their own right and include academics, childcare committee representatives, early years practitioners, early years trainers, inspectorate and more. The sharing of our reflections have been a learning experience for us as we explore each other's perspectives. We are also a good looking bunch - just take a look at our group photo!

Today started with lectures at Queen Maud University College on the subjects of municipality supervision and outdoor pre schools. After lunch we visited an outdoor barnehage. Again the setting was beautiful and spacious and the children learned in the outdoor environment.

There I met Tom, an early years teacher who qualified in the early eighties. Despite twisting his ankle just before our visit Tom remained on the provision and was generous with his time as he answered my many questions on his ideology. Tom exuded courtesy and respect. He reminded me that children are human beings not human becomings meaning that we should allow children to exist in the moment and to value events in the present. He said he also advises new teachers to sit on their hands to stop them from jumping to help children too soon. Instead he said that children should learn to find their own solution. The gift of time is given to all children in the barnehage and children are never hurried or rushed.

With such space I asked if supervision was ever a problem. Tom smiled and said that my question reminded him of the time he had "lost" a girl just as she was due to go home. He found her of course by following her laughter at watching him search to find her, sat high in the branches of a tree. The warmth of feeling he had for the girl was evident in his story telling and very endearing.



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