Does bullying happen in pre school?

Does bullying happen in pre school?



Bullying behaviour is typically associated with older children. The danger of this is that bullying maybe overlooked in the pre-school years. Pre-schoolers are learning to experiment socially and it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between this and emergent bullying.

Bullying may include physical aggression, exclusion, rejection, verbal assaults and ridicule. The odd disagreement or falling out is normal for pre-schoolers. However alarm bells should start ringing if a child appears to enjoy seeing others hurt. Deliberately hurting others whether physically or emotionally is always unacceptable.

Bullying can cause stress, fear and anxiety. The behaviour may harm victims’ and perpetrators’ development. If you are worried about your child talk to your child’s keyworker in the pre-school. Bullying should not be considered as part of life and a child should never be asked to toughen up or left to handle the situation on their own. Take measures to protect your child by voicing concerns, making visits to the school and giving them the tools they need to avoid bullying for the years to come.

At Crawford Childcare Glanmire we have a pro active approach to dealing with bullying. Discussions, story telling, books and role play are some of the ways we approach this area with the children in a safe, non-threatening way so that no child is made to feel scared or embarrassed. We encourage children to say “Stop it I don’t like it” if someone is upsetting them or alternatively a loud “No!” can work just as well and draws attention to the situation so support can be given if needed.

Bullying is rare in Crawford Childcare as our qualified staff are trained to look out for indicators and plan interventions where necessary. Your child’s happiness and well-being are always our top priority. If you have any concerns or queries regarding your child’s development please do not hesitate to ask your child’s keyworker.

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