Getting cosy in Crawford Childcare

Getting cosy in Crawford Childcare

There has been a lot of work going on in all our rooms recently as the team worked together to create cosy areas in each of the rooms.

Each cosy area was planned carefully. We wanted our cosy corners to be places for our children to feel safe, separate from other play areas, a place to relax, wind down and to read.

Forward facing libraries, shelving and soft furniture and drapes form the basis of our cosy corners. We ensure there are a range of books including catalogues, magazines, paperbacks and hard page books on offer.

Our babies love our Nursery Rhyme books and point to the many wonderful pictures as they listen to the familiar rhymes. Our toddlers are fascinated by toy catalogues. While our Montessori children favourites include dinosaur tales.

Our cosy corners are complete with cosy blankets and pillows for our children to snuggle in to. Stroking a fleece blanket can be a very relaxing experience.

Reading to children in a quite space has many benefits. It is important to read to young children as it improves their communication skills. When reading to children they will be more likely to express themselves and relate to others in a healthy way. Reading to a young child in a quiet space can help create strong secure relationships.

Children need space to move, run, play and explore. They also need spaces to relax and to just be. Snuggling up with a favourite book and blanket sets a slow and relaxing pace as cuddly time together is embraced. Reading to children in such an environment nurtures and builds trust.

Let us know if your child has a favourite book so that we can look out for a copy for our bookshelves!

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