Halloween is coming

Halloween is coming

So Halloween is fast approaching and we all know what that means? Christmas is only around the corner –ha ha ! Only joking we love Halloween here at Crawford Childcare, Glanmire. Its such a nice time to introduce our children to the joys of dressing up be it scary, funny or nice.

Though sometimes we may think Halloween is all about sweets and trick or treating there is actually a lot more to it. Halloween is the second most celebrated holiday. Pumpkins and the carving of them originated in Ireland. People believed that placing a candle in them would keep away ghosts and that carving a scary face in them would give the ghosts a fright. Not only that but pumpkins come in a variety of variety of colours including blue, green and white! Great to know in case you are having a smurf themed Halloween party!

Ever wondered why black and orange are associated with Halloween? Well its believed that this came about as orange representing the Autumn and black representing the darkness that comes with it. Other countries celebrate variations of Halloween. Hong Kong’s celebrations are called Yue Lan meaning Festival of Hungry Ghosts. During this fires are lit with food offered up to angry ghosts as a sort of ghoulish peace offering.

Another interesting fact is that over 90% of parents admit to stealing some of their Halloween sweets! Although we are sure the parents and staff at Crawford Childcare are in the other 10%.

We are quite excited about Halloween (including the children). Our window decorations are real works of art. The babies have been giving a helping hand with Peig and Ryan both daubing the windows with paint as well as the walls, cupboards and floor! Eilish and Amelie have been practising bobbing for apples. Eoin, Sam and Sophia have been showing us their trick or treat faces and we think they have them mastered. There have been songs and stories galore to!

All the babies have made ghosts of their own for everyone to see. Friday 31st October will be a great energy filled day as we are all having a Halloween party and we are of course encouraging everyone to dress up for our Halloween parade!

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