Help us to create a new outdoor play area

Help us to create a new outdoor play area

Any spare frying pans, old pots or plastic bottles????Here at Crawford Childcare in Glanmire we aim to promote outdoor play. We are very fortunate to have 2 large play areas as well as 2 large grass areas. We are currently looking at adding to one of these grass areas to create a play space and garden using natural materials. Many of you have probably spotted the tyres donated by More Tyres and Alan’s Tyres which we are using to define distinct areas as well as the large tractor tyres we use as sand and mud pits donated by one of families at the creche! This is a work in progress and any other help and ideas are very welcome to. The children have asked us to include waterslides and although chutes that the children can ride are unrealistic we are looking at adapting these ideas to create a water wall behind our planned beach area. If you have any large plastic bottles or guttering for this please bring them in! Water play teaches concepts of volume, empty and full. It is also fun to pour water and watch it flow from one vessel to another.

We would also like to make music walls behind our proposed campsite area so if you have any old frying pans that you are throwing out or you know someone who is throwing out frying pans or anything that makes a musical noise we would love them as well.

We aim to use natural materials to build up our outdoor environment. This helps the children to learn about the world, recycling and how things work. Any donations will be greatly appreciated to help set up our new outdoor area – your rubbish could be our treasure! Useful materials could include planks, wood, palettes, logs, tree stumps, cobbles, mulch, topsoil, play sand, stepping stones, slabs, trees, plants, plant cuttings, buckets, pipes and any other open ended material!
Outdoor play is important for children of all ages as it gives the opportunity to practice and master emerging physical skills. It is in the outdoors that children can fully and freely practice motor skills like running, leaping, and jumping. Children have the freedom to explore the outside world and learn from what they can see and touch and hear. Outdoor play is also beneficial to the child’s health. Active children also burn the most calories, which helps prevent obesity.


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