Helping Children to settle in at Crawford

Helping Children to settle in at Crawford

Our team of Early Years Educators at Crawford Childcare know and understand that settling your little one can bring stress and worry as you prepare to leave your child for a few hours as you return to work. We work in partnership with families to manage this transition to be as stress free as possible for everyone involved.

Our dedicated key worker system is planned according to the hours your child attends and the hours our team members work as well as the compatibility between the child, parent or carer and our team member. Our key worker system within our service encourages stability and continuity in caring for each child that enters our doors.

Our key worker system keeps you as a parent or carer up to date with your child’s daily activities and ongoing development. The key worker carries out observations, documents the child’s learning stories as well as updating the child’s development records as they grow which are all shared with the parents. Some of the children attending our service have a sibling who also attend. We create opportunities for siblings to spend time together whether it is for meal times, play time or even to give them support and comfort during their settling in process.

Recently most of our staff at Crawford Childcare attended a Continuous Professional Learning Programme in “Marte Meo”. This learning programme gave our team knowledge in supporting the development in interaction moments. Techniques learned in this course such as describing to the child, following the child’s lead and the adult leading are hugely important during their time in our service and provide a child settling with that extra support needed especially when just beginning their time with us.

Communication between families and the child’s keyworker is key to providing high quality care for the child. Your child’s keyworker is always ready to discuss how your child is doing whether that is on drop off or collection or whether you would like to arrange time for a sit down meeting with them in private away from the bustle of the room.

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