How to think like a turtle

How to think like a turtle

Tucker turtle is our new friend in the Montessori. When Tucker used to feel upset, angry or frustrated he used to hit, yell and say mean things to his friends. One day his teacher told him to think like a turtle the next time he was upset. The next time Tucker got angry he stopped, tucked inside his shell, breathed his anger away and thought about how he could solve whatever was bothering him. Then he would try out his idea!

Tucker has been teaching the children in the Montessori how to think like a turtle to and we have been practising very hard so that we are ready the next time we feel angry or upset.

Here’s a step by step guide to our practise runs!

  1. Recognise that we feel mad!

  2. We stop, keeping our hands to ourselves.

  3. We take 3 deep breaths.

  4. We think of ways to solve the problem.

  5. We try our solution. Here the children decided to give each other a hug!

  6. Sometimes when we get stuck for ideas we visit our Tucker wall. Some of Tucker’s ideas include:

Get a teacher

Ask nicely



Say “Please stop”

Say “Please”


Trade a toy/ item

Wait and take turns

Tucker is also teaching us a song and has his very own story book. It is great to have Tucker at Crawford Childcare and we all help to take care of him. Thanks Tucker for teaching us how to think like a turtle!

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