Indoor Play: imagination, learning & fun!

Indoor Play: imagination, learning & fun!

We all know when living in Ireland our summer may only last a week or two and then we are back to high rainfall or we can even get the four seasons in one day. You look out the window to see that it’s raining during these summer months so what activities can you do with young children. There’s no need to struggle for money to take the children out to the cinema or activity centres, in your home there is so much to do with not spending a single cent. Here are some ideas for imaginative indoor play that won’t break the bank.
Music is great for all ages, exploring different sounds and instruments is a great way of opening children’s minds to new sounds, experiences and cultures. Maybe if there are some instruments like a guitar, piano or triangle at home or if not, there are different ways of making instruments out of simple kitchen equipment. Pots and pans for example, can make great drums and children enjoy listening to the different sounds. Introducing different instruments to your child can develop a child’s interest in playing an instrument. Have fun with your child by singing songs with them, young children never tire of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ or ‘Incy Wincy Spider’  and these songs are great because you and your child can do the actions when singing the songs which creates bonding time for you are your little ones.

If instruments are not to your liking, playing simple games with music will give a child endless fun. All you need is to clear a space, put on your child’s favourite music and off you go. Playing ‘Musical Statues’ or ‘Musical Bumps’ will help your child to be more active and they will also have a lot of fun. Music and dancing go hand in hand and by doing this activity with your child you are introducing physical activity and also teaching your child to listen for the music to stop playing.

Story time:
For those quieter times with your children story time is a great way to bond with children and it is just as rewarding as playtime. Don’t think that your child will be bored listening to a story.Listening to a story is a time for children to broaden their imagination. It encourages literacy skills when they want to ask questions and integrates pictures and words with auditory to facilitate language learning. By reading stories you are giving your child the opportunity to develop their listening and attending skills. Maybe you want to make up a story with your child don’t be afraid. By making up stories your child will feel more involved with the story and it will feel more personal to both of you.

Every child should have a box with dress up clothes; with these clothes a child has the chance to let the imagination run wild. Giving your child the freedom to be whoever they want to be helps them to explore their interests, they will do this through role play. Dressing-up can be the beginning steps of learning and brain development, especially giving them the chance to open up their creativity. Watching children do role play games is amazing because they start to develop their own social skills when they are playing with other children and don’t be afraid to join in on this fun so you can explore along with your child.
Here in Crawford Childcare in Glanmire we think that the rain should never stop us from having fun because play is always important in every child’s development!



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