Into the New Year at Crawford Childcare

Into the New Year at Crawford Childcare

With Christmas well and truly over we find ourselves well into the New Year. Most of our mums and dads are back to work and so are our little learners at Crawford Childcare.

The babies have been learning about farm animals. Staff and babies have been heard quacking, mooing and bleating to tunes like Old MacDonald. Activities have included farm story time, farm jigsaws, small world play and the making of animal masks. The babies and staff have also been jumping around to music to dance off the Christmas chocolate eaten over the holidays.

Helicopters seem to have been a popular Santa gift this year. This led to the toddlers making multi coloured helicopters during colouring. We have also been flying balloons outside during dry spells. We have to hold very tight to the string to stop the wind whisking them away. Some managed to escape no matter how fast we ran after them. A few got stuck in the trees around the car park. Take a look up the next time you drive in to see if they are still there.

The Montessori are revisiting learning about the solar system. A globe was used to show the children what the Earth looks like from space. We also discussed what makes up the earth – water, land and air. This helps the children begin to identify where they are from and their place in the world and solar system.

Some of our children are making an important transition into the toddler and Montessori rooms this month which is both a challenging and exciting time for them. We also welcome new babies into the baby room. All are settling really well. Remember to check in with your child’s keyworker. Our keyworkers are always happy to update you on your child’s progress.

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