Keep on Movin’ at Crawford Childcare…

Keep on Movin’ at Crawford Childcare…

For children, physical activity is one of the vital ingredients to a strong and healthy development. As a result of this, at Crawford Childcare we love to keep fit and active. The children love to have fun and be energetic so we try our best to keep up!!!

In the baby room, our little babies spend endless hours exploring the environment both indoors and outdoors. There are various tools in the baby room which allow our babies to be active and to strengthen their physical development. They love crawling through the tunnel, climbing over the steps and riding on the bike. For such little beings, they sure have loads of energy!!!

As our children grow, their physical development strengthens. Our toddlers are beginning to master the art of pedalling a bike - an activity they all love!! We also spent a couple of days last week doing all different types of races. We were running, jumping, twirling, crawling and walking. Some of them were even learning to hop!!! As well as this, we had great fun with the footballs. Some of our toddlers enjoyed kicking the ball while others thought it was fun to throw the ball over the fence!!!!

Our Montessori children are so energetic. They certainly keep us on our toes!! They love all types of physical activity from running, cycling, playing football and especially dancing. Each day in the Montessori the children can be seen dancing around the room. Musical statues is definitely a favourite of theirs whereby we get to explore all different types of dancing. The more energetic the song the better!!!!!

To keep up our children’s energy levels up we like to encourage healthy meals and snacks. We also love to see our children drinking lots of water so they are hydrated for our next activity!!!

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