Latest Crawford News

Latest Crawford News

Adventure Room
As some of the children were really interested in animals last week Amanda created a folder full of animal pictures. Amanda introduced this new material to the children and a conversation began about the animals, their body parts, characteristics and what food they ate. Sam’s Mum was happy to hear that he shared his interest in animals in the crèche, while Ethan’s Dad had a chat with him about animals when he collected him. Looks like we will have to get out some more books about animals this week.

Discovery Room
Many an interesting conversation starts in our Cosy Corner. Last week the topic was eyes and hair! We discussed who had brown or blue eyes and short or curly hair. We also spoke about the different colour of our hair. Amelie suggested we look in the mirror to see ourselves and describe what features were similar and different to our friends. Some children looked in our Discovery room picture book to find themselves. Amelie very excitedly showed her friends her picture. Some of the children drew self -portraits of themselves and their friends with straight/ blond/ short hair etc. We are going to look at making self-portrait jig saws. Some of the parents commented on how lovely the picture book was.

Exploring Room
We decided to make a new canvas to display the children’s artwork with help from them! They seemed to really enjoy helping us to paint the canvas. They used their hands and paint brushes to paint. This learning outcome promoted their fine motor and sensory skills and more importantly they had great fun doing it. Some of the parents loved to hear how much enjoyment the children got from painting.WE look forward to displaying our artwork on our new canvas.

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