Latest From Crawford

Latest From Crawford

Discovery Room
Recently as part of Halloween we found Halloween pasta shapes in a basket on the shelves. There was a lot of talk about Halloween and pumpkins among the children.

The pasta basket provoked interest in different shapes and colours and some of the children counted the different types of shapes. Conor accidently stood on a past shape and it broke. As this happened it made a crunch noise and Chloe said “Oh, crunchy!” and repeated this over and over again. This carried on outside while on a hike where Conor and Lee looked around for more crunchy sounds. Conor’s Nana thought all the pasta shapes looked very interesting when she saw them on the table.

Exploring Room
While playing one day Killian took down the pasta container from the shelf, so we put it on the table for all the children to explore. Some children decided to put the pasta on plates while others tried to eat it.
Next time we will use rice or flour so they have a different textures to explore.

Adventure Room
Some of the children spotted a hairdresser bag that the discovery room has and they loved it! AS the children love playing with hairbrushes too we decided it was the ideal time to create a special box with all the necessary things for hair.
It took two days to decorate our very special box but the children loved it. Once ready we filled the box with bobbles, clips and brushes and now we have a proper hairdresser box. The children loved to open the closed box and find all the materials inside. Very quickly they were taking out the bobbles and clips so their own hair could be ‘done’ with the help of staff who created lovely hairstyles. This progressed to the children doing each other’s hair and running up to the mirror to admire their styles. They loved their new looks!

Some Mums were very impressed that their daughters are now using bobbles on their hairs .


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