Latest From Crawford

Latest From Crawford

Explore Room
Tadgh took the flour container and started to shake it. Laura asked if he would like to paly with it. He was very excited as they opened it. We put two large back trays on the table and started to pour the flour. Other children rushed over to put their hands under the flour rain.
When the shower of rain flour stopped we poured some water on top. Again, the children squealed with delight as they put their hands under the pouring water. Then the children began to mix the flour with the water and we had a new texture to explore. Next time we might add some colour with paint! Some parents commented that a bath would be needed while others noted that the children just love mess.


Discovery Room
Peig started a conversation about going on an aeroplane and Tiarnan joined in saying he realy liked aeroplanes and then proceeded to make a paper aeroplane. Some children showed an interest in this so Tiarnan said “I can show everybody how to make an aeroplane”.
The children seemed to enjoy discussing holidays, flying and making aeroplanes and flying them. A few children pretended to be aeroplanes flying around the garden and using their gross motor skills. This led to further discussions about different types of travel such as bus, car and trains. Tiarnan’s Mum told us he loves to make paper aeroplanes and recently went on a plane to Legoland and got to see the plane’s cockpit.


Adventure Room
We decided to do some wall paper painting so we got a large roll of blank wall paper and spread it out across the tables. We laid out different coloured paints, rollers and stampers before we got started.
The children gathered around and used the rollers to roll the paint onto the paper and stamped different colours on it. The children really enjoyed exploring the different textures with the paint on the wall paper.

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