Latest From Crawford

Latest From Crawford

Exploring Room
Our babies have discovered the sand box! A few weeks ago we placed it on a shelf in the library with a lid on. It didn’t take long to be explored, when one afternoon Caoimhe was playing with her sister Roisin and she came across the box. She pulled it off the lower shelf onto the floor. As the lid was on it she tried to figure out want was inside, carefully investigating the box. A few moments later she managed to get the lid off and was so excited to see all the sand inside. Upon hearing her excited squeals Roisin and a few others came over to join in the fun. Caoimhe’s Dad told us She loves to explore and solve puzzles.

Discovery Room
Some children noticed that we had added some new materials to our area of interest table and this started the creative ideas to flow. Empty sweets packets, milk cartons and bottles prompted some creative building. Some children decided to make a sweet machine so they cut up coloured cardboard as ‘sweets’ and filled the empty carton. They selloptaped paper cups to the sweet box to make a dispenser. A few days later Robyn used the selloptape as a hat, trying to balance it on her head while walking. Luke used tape, bows and cardboard to make a necklace for Karen and carefully placed it around her neck. Daniel and Luke made iron man custumes so it was quite a creative week. Some of the parents commented on the lovely artwork and costumes.

Adventure Room
This week a new child came to settle in from the Exploring room. Darcie came to visit and was delighted to meet her old friends Ethan and James. She had great fun playing with them. Darcie’s um also came in to visit. Darcie got to go out to the large outdoor play area and appeared to enjoy playing on the slide and explored the area. Moving rooms and be an exciting and nervous time but by coming for small visits it makes the move a lot easier and happier. We look forward to having Darcie with us!

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