Latest From Crawford

Latest From Crawford

Exploring Room
There aren’t too many children that would say no to playing with a ball but in the Exploring room Fionn and Kieran really got the ball rolling this week as they had great fun playing outside with balls.
Ball play is a great way to introduce physical activity into children’s lives with the added benefits of fun and lots of laughter with friends. Last week we offered the children a yoga ball and a tennis ball. Fionn really enjoys throwing balls up high in the air and catching them. Others enjoyed kicking and dribbling the ball.
Following on from the great interest in ball play we plan to introduce beach balls to the children as they are light, fun and represent summer.

Discovery Room
Before going on a hike in the great outdoors some of the children discussed which weather box to bring outside. Peig suggested painting from the windy box. So we got some paint, painting trays, potatoes and pages to bring outside. Some children had different names for the potatoes. They were called ‘Spudie’ and ‘Poppies’.
While painting Ella’s page blew away and Peig suggested using the potatoes to hold the pages in place. James painted stones he collected from the beach area in the garden. He tried to balance them on his arm while walking over to the paint.
One parent commented how nice it was for the children to paint outside.

Adventure Room
As Easter approached last week the we were very busy decorating our Easter eggs for Easter Sunday. The children decided to paint their faces like Bunny Rabbits.
They were hopping around the room and outside looking for carrots. Tom said that the Easter Bunny has a red nose and next time they will paint their own faces. One of our Granny’s was enchanted with our cute Easter Bunny and one of our Mum’s was surprised to see her child wanted his face painted.

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