Latest From Crawford

Latest From Crawford

Exploring Room

The children wandered over curiously to the stones that Jenny and Laura had painted. They then took some paint brushes and started to put marks on the floor so we decided to bring out trays with different coloured paints and loads of paper for the children to explore. Some children used their hands, feet and even their faces to paint!

The children enjoyed mixing the paint in the trays to create new colours such as orange, purple and green. Brushes, hands feet and even their whole bodies were used to create their master pieces. Some children made master pieces of their vests!

Cillian’s Mum said “You could sell the vests – they made lovely designs”.


Discovery Room

After discussing what recipes we could add to our book we decided to bake some bread. Sarah brought in a bread machine and we searched for a recipe online.

Suellen then sourced the ingredients. Once we had all our ingredients and equipment ready we took turns to add salt, water, flour, yeast, butter and sugar. Then we mixed it all together and some of the children added the mixture to the bread maker and turned it on for 3 hours and  3 minutes.

Once the bread was ready the children put butter on it and ate it all. Some parents commented on the lovely smell of freshly baked bread in the creche and were disappointed to hear it had all been eaten. We might have to make more the next time.


Adventure Room

Making playdough requires some skill but it was no bother to the children in the Adventure room. Luke showed excellent pouring skills as he poured the oil into the flour, although he did not like the texture of the flour. Alyx practised holding the jug of water and pouring the water into the bowl. Darcie used her fingers to touch the mixture while Luke tried to mix all the ingredients with a tractor! Luke’s Mum laughed when she heard.

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