Life is a song and a dance at Crawford Childcare

Life is a song and a dance at Crawford Childcare

At Crawford Childcare, Glanmire we all love to sing and dance. None of the teachers will be the next Mariah or Celine but we like to think we all have the X factor. The children seem to enjoy joining in or maybe they are really trying to show us how it is done!

Whether it is “All the rain drops” or “Do you want to build a snowman” we will give it a go. Even those of us who are not quite walking yet are well able to boogey and wiggle those hips. Singing is a great way for the children to express themselves and often help quieter children to gain confidence in social interactions. It can also help children to further develop their listening and co-ordination skills. The tongue, lips, gross and fine motor skills all develop through song and dance!

Music, singing and dancing get endorphins flowing which stimulates good feelings and well-being. Happy children make happy parents and teachers!

Singing to a child every day helps to promote language development. Music, singing and dance are all important aspects in our curriculum in Crawford Childcare. Action songs help children practice balance, co-ordination and body awareness.

The children are able to recognise their favourite songs on CD at a very early age. The baby room team all look to Eilish, Amelie, Ryan and Connor for the latest dance moves which gets everyone moving. Physical activity is great for our bodies and well-being as well as building up an appetite for a healthy meal. There are plenty of sing a long songs on the radio this time of year so get rockin’ around your Christmas tree and be sure to have lots of fun doing it!

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