Muddy puddles

Muddy puddles

We love splashing around in muddy puddles in Crawford Childcare, Glanmire Co. Cork. The toddlers have been enjoying splashing about in the puddles from all the recent rainfall. The Montessori children were more cautious carefully wading through the puddles in their wellies. Not so for the toddlers!

Aoife decided to try and empty the puddle with a cup and went back and forth from the puddle to empty her cup on to the grass. Luke cycled straight through causing lots of spray to the delight of his watching friends.

Conor decided the best place to play in a puddle was to sit in its very middle. Ryan joined in and happily sat with Conor.

Amelie and Logan held on to tractor tyres so they could get a really good bounce into the puddles just like Peppa Pig!

Where there are muddy puddles there is also mud and the toddlers cooked up a storm making mud pies.

Mud and puddle play has lots of benefits so long as the child is wearing appropriate clothing and is changed afterwards. It is one of nature’s best sources of sensory play and allows our curious children to learn about nature, the weather and the outdoors. Maths skills are practised as the children learn about capacity and volume in a fun way. Gross motor skills are also practised as the children balance, jump, run and cycle.

There is a great social aspect to mud play. The children play with their friends learning how to co-operate, communicate and work as a team.

Outdoor play including playing with mud has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in children whilst creating happy memories. Studies have also shown that playing with mud can build a child’s immune system and reduce the likelihood of allergies and conditions associated with them.

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