New Year at Crawford

New Year at Crawford

Adventure Room
Lots of fun painting this week as the children were very interested in getting brushes, paint and paper plates. Very quickly they started to put the brushes aside and found their hands/fingers much better at the job! Elena gave them some paper so they could stamp their handprints. Parents were very excited to see the handprints on paper.

Exploring Room
Kieran was pointing up to the treasure basket on the window ledge so we had to bring it down for him. After placing it on the floor for Kieran other children quickly came over to explore and investigate the contents of the basket. Some of the children really enjoyed this as it enabled them to explore their sense of smell, taste and sound. The children were fascinated by the ‘fabric box’ in the treasure basket. It consists of a variety of fabrics with different textures. The fabric box offers a sensory experience and learning opportunity for the young children as it allows them to touch, feel and rub using their hands and fingers. AS the children enjoyed it so much we are going to include it in our storytelling.

Discovery Room
On Tuesday it was the first day back for some children in the room so we all worked together to take down the Christmas tree, cards and decorations. Some children decided to cut up the cards and others then put them into envelopes. Others made letters with the cards and their names and addresses were put on the envelopes. It was discussed that if we put stamps on the letters they could be posted in a post box and the letters would go to their houses. Luke said he would really like his letter to be posted and Eilish told her that her Christmas tree at home was already down.

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