New Year’s Resolutions at Crawford Childcare

New Year’s Resolutions at Crawford Childcare

With the start of a New Year upon us it is a good time to reflect on the past year and things we would like to improve upon for 2014. New Year’s resolutions are a way of setting ourselves goals and help to motivate us to improve our lives. At Crawford Childcare we like to involve our pre schoolers in this too. We sit down with the children and talk about their accomplishments and goals made over the time they have spent with us. We look back at photographs and learning stories to help us remember some of these. It is a time for us to discuss as a group what has worked and what hasn’t. Everyone is invited to share what they would like to continue to do and things we would like to change to make ourselves and others feel good.

Resolutions for pre school children  often focus on tidying away toys, brushing teeth, washing hands and being kind. Other resolutions for pre school children may also include being a better listener or helping other people.

Lists of resolutions are often reviewed in later months and successes acknowledged. A sense of accomplishment is created by reaching goals and the child’s self esteem builds. If goals are not met then the resolution is re thought and a plan put into place to make it more doable. The process of making resolutions together in groups allows the children to manage their role in the setting and in the wider community.

Children are encouraged to understand the value of goal setting by their teachers taking the lead and making their own resolutions with the class. Resolutions for teachers often include drinking more water, cutting down on sugary snacks and exercising more. The children and teachers support each other to improving all their lifestyles.

Maybe you have made some resolutions with your child. Why not share them with us? We wish your family good luck with all its goals and a very Happy New Year!

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