Starting Big School

Starting Big School

September brings the start of a new school year. Many of our graduates from the Discovery Room will be starting “big school” over the next few weeks. This is a time of mixed emotions for all involved, children, parents, siblings and teachers. For some children it will be an exciting time meeting their new teacher and making friends. For other children it may be anxious time heading into the unfamiliar.
In order to help to make this transition as smooth as possible here are a few helpful tips;
• Ensure you child is independent with managing their snacks, being able to open and close their lunch box
• Ensure your child’s snack are food they enjoy eating while at the same time ensuring that you follow the school healthy eating policy
• Dress your child in clothes to allow them to be independent, elastic waist clothes for example to ensure your child can look after their toileting needs, velcro straps on shoes also, zips on coats are generally easier for children to close than buttons
• Label everything from clothes to books to help your child identify their belongings
• Give your child jobs around the house, this encourages responsibility and independence. Allow the opportunity to make mistakes and praise the efforts
• Talk about school and your positives memories of your time in school
• On the first few days, try not to stay too long, follow the lead of the teacher, say goodbye to your child and let them know who will be collecting them.

Remember to enjoy this milestone, and after you drop your child off to “big school” go for a cuppa tea, meet with a friend, maybe a little cry, more importantly give yourself a pat on the back, this is a significant time in your child’s life.

One thought on “Starting Big School

  1. Reminds me my school days. I often exited for the new books for new class. I liked the smell of new pages and the knowledge too.

    Yes I met and made new friends. Actually I like making friends. Some of them still in touch even after 15 years of my school life.

    Really nice topic and tips.

    Thanks for sharing.

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