Summer News from Crawford

Summer News from Crawford

Exploring Room

Last week the children engaged in activities incorporating plants and flowers. As the weather has been so nice the children began to get bored of being inside and ventured over towards the gate of the Hike area so we just had to go on an adventure!

In the Hike area the children had the opportunity to explore different material areas, textures and spaces. They enjoyed banging  pots and pans together for sound, bark was walked on as a different textural experience and large stones were held and walked on in the beach area.

In order to develop the children's interest in exploring the wonders of the Hike area they went on a scavenger hunt using glue which they mixed with bark mulch, grass, flowers and stones. They stuck it onto a big sheet of paper and the next time we would like some stones and sticks to paint! We will also try to use pots and pans as musical instruments.

One Mum said " Oh my little artists, all kids love messy stuff " while another remarked "I'd better get more clothes for him so, he's flying through them!"

Adventure Room

We decided it was time to decorate our house corner and shop so we gathered all the materials we needs and put the children into small groups. We explained to the children what we were going to do and asked for their help.

Some children painted and clued the grass for the window, while others spread out glitter for the sun. Some children decided to decorate the curtains with paint. For the shelves we brought recycled materials and some children helped to spread glue and stick the different food containers (cereals, pasta, chocolates etc).

Now all the work is done we are delighted to welcome you to our Crawford Corner shop!

Discovery Room

While playing outside one day a discussion about ballet began & Jenny showing s us arabesque and allegro. We watched a video of some ballerina dancers on the ipad and Robyn told us all about the different moves she learnt in ballet class called Arabesque and pile.

After  while some of the children decided to put on a ballet performance for the children in the Adventure room and Eilish suggested we read Angelina Ballerina at circle time. Robyn very kindly gave some of her friends a ballet lesson.

Some parents commented on how skillful some of the children's ballet moves were.

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