Sunny September days in Crawford Childcare!

Sunny September days in Crawford Childcare!

The babies have been taking advantage of the nice weather by pumping up a paddling pool and filling it with balls to make their very own ball pit!

The children were all excited about the ball pit and some dived into it the minute they laid their eyes on it. The ball pit was a great way for the children to play energetically or to wind down and relax while enjoying this sensory experience.

The babies loved spending the day climbing in and out of the pool as well as rolling around inside it. Some of the children even appeared to be pretending to swim around the pool while kicking and laughing. What clever babies we have!

The ball pit proved a great way to allow the children to interact with each-other throwing the balls back and forward to each-other or rolling them to each-other. They learned to take turns and to share while being in the ball-pit by handing each-other a ball and throwing the balls back into the pool to the children inside the pool after throwing them out so that they could play with them.

The children appeared to really enjoy being in the pool-pit and had big smiles on their faces throughout the day. The ball-pit was a great way for the children to use their imaginations to be adventurous and explore in different/new things. They got to communicate with each-other throughout play by sharing, laughing and talking to each other and they were constantly on the go using a lot of their physical development and hand-eye co-ordination. The children also concentrated very hard when throwing the balls to each other and interacting with staff and other children.

The sound of fun and laughter throughout the day could be heard in our car park. What a great way to spend a sunny September day in Crawford Childcare! We are looking forward to lots of fun in October to. Don’t forget to wear your PJs on Tuesday 6th October 2015 for our breakfast together day in aid of Childline!

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