The Latest in Crawford Childcare

The Latest in Crawford Childcare

Spring has definitely sprung in Crawford Childcare crèche, Glanmire. March is a fun month including Pancake Day, St Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day and more. The weather has turned brighter (well mostly) and there is a definite lengthening in the day now which means more outdoor play is available to all the rooms. Please dress appropriately as our little explorers have been rather taken with mud play of late. Wellies are advised and ensure your child has a spare set of clothes so we do not have to limit their play in anyway. So much learning can take place outdoors digging and filling containers, collecting and building with sticks, getting stuck in the mud are all great fun whilst your child learns scientific concepts as a happy consequence.

The Montessori class take to the outside grass area each day. Outdoor play encourages your child’s gross motor skills and cognitive learning. Gross motor skills development are essential for every day and even for pre writing skills. We recently learned the story of St Patrick and enacted it outside. So don’t be too surprised if your 4 year old picks up a stick and shouts “Be gone snakes!” the next time you are in the park together.

The toddlers love being outside to. We have been playing lots of racing games lately. We have tried running, giant steps, twirling, jumping and even rolling races. The toddlers especially like rolling races although we all seem to head off in different directions! Our pirate ship climbing frame, tunnel and slide is always popular with the toddlers and gives them an elevated view of the play area in our creche in Cork.

The babies are venturing out more now to in their separate, less boisterous play area. Babies and young children learn through their senses and the outdoor environment stimulates these. Birds singing, the feel of soil, watching shadows and clouds, the smell of freshly cut grass are all natural learning experiences for your child.

An important date for your diary is Sunday 30th March 2014 – Mother’s Day. Make sure to leave mums everywhere know how special they are.


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