Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Crawford

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Crawford

Adventure Room

Some of the children knew last week that Friday was St. Patricks day and they really enjoyed the arts and crafts. We provided a big piece of paper, glue, blue and yellow paint, glitter, shamrocks and cotton. Some children sticked on shamrocks while others stamped their fingers and hands on it. Other used the cotton to spread our the green glitter. We created a nice St. Patricks day mural which we put up on the wall. Some parents were delighted to hear their children were involved in the mural.

Discover Room

During circle time last week St. Patricks’ day came up in conversation and the children wanted to learn more about the festivities. WE discussed who he was and the shamrock. Whilst on a hike some of the children used magnifying glasses to find shamrocks. Some of the children put them in their pockets for luck. On Tuesday we discussed the Irish flag  and began to make our own. On Wednesday, some of the children made St. Patrick’s Day decorations, while on Thursday we flew our Irish flag outdoors and marched with Irish coloured balloons. Some parents commented on our Irish flags and St. Patrick’s day decorations.

Exploring Room

On one of the warmer days last week we decided to do some water play as the children were really enjoying the sun. We filed a container with water, the toy fish, ducks and some balls. The children appeared to really enjoy the water play. They even took some cups from the tea set and filled them with water. The next time we do water play we will fill a bigger container to allow the children to add more toys and more space for themselves to play. Some parents told us their children really enjoy water play especially bath time.

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