Cheerios breakfast together day

Cheerios breakfast together day

On Tuesday October 6th 2015, everyone in Crawford Childcare took part in celebrating Cheerios Breakfast Together Week where children and staff wore their pyjamas to crèche for the day.

For many families the excitement started well before arriving at crèche. Darragh’s first words when he woke up were “it’s pyjama day today”. Ellie’s dad said that he has never seen her so excited coming to crèche. This excitement continued throughout the whole day!

The day of fun filled activities kicked off with Cathy and Charlene meeting and greeting parents and children in reception offering some well deserved teas and coffees to our parents. Also waiting in reception was a little game of Guess how many cheerios. Guesses ranged from 474 to 9000 and everything in between. Well done Charlene who won the spot prize as she had the closest guess. She guessed 3,750 cheerios when in fact there were 3,712 cheerios in the bowl.

In each of the three rooms, breakfast was served buffet style. The children enjoyed a selection of healthy snacks for breakfast. These included blueberries, raspberries, bananas, oranges, melon, toast, pancakes and cereals. The children helped themselves to whatever took their fancy. Hot buttered toast was a very popular option. Breakfast ended around 10.30 by which time there were a lot of full bellies. Balloons floated around the room as the children played with them excitedly.

Children and staff enjoyed many different activities which included balloon play, snuggling up in our cosy area with fleece blankets as we read stories, games of cheerios snakes and ladders, colouring and outdoor play. Seamus asked while outside playing with his balloon why it didn’t blow away? The weather was perfect for the day and the rain stayed away!

We had a great time for our Cheerios Breakfast Together. Everyone looked so cuddly in their pyjamas. It was such great fun to come together to share the experience of having breakfast and to raise some much needed funds for Child Line. On the day Crawford raised a whopping €449.35. We would like to say a big thank you for the very generous donations, each one is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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