Crawford Childcare’s school tour to Tir Na Si open farm

Crawford Childcare’s school tour to Tir Na Si open farm

There was lots of excitement last week as all the children who attend our Discovery Room went on their school tour. For some it was their first ever bus trip although we also had some more experienced bus riders who explained to us about double and single deckers! We set off in a 53 seater single decker.

Before the off the children met in our outdoor play area to run off a bit of the building excitement and to slip on their wellies. We took a quick photo of our super helper mums and we headed out to the bus in a trio of two children to 1 adult. Thanks so much to everyone who helped we wouldn’t be able to do tours without your support. (Check out our Discovery Room door for your pic.)

We had lots of fun on the bus and Lily’s mum kept pretending to catch Lily and Amelie through the seats which some of us thought was very funny. When we got off the bus we met Julia our group leader. We had a snack and headed into the jungle gym.

After the indoor playground we headed to see the rabbits. Lucy informed us they were “baby rabbits” as Julie told her they were only 5 weeks old.

Even the weather was beautiful on the day and we enjoyed blue skies and sun. it was so nice walking around the farm outside and seeing all the different animals. We saw a black pig which was a new arrival to the farm and 2 really big pink pigs as well as lots of other animals. As we were exploring the children spotted Oreo and lots of us loved petting him and he seemed to enjoy the attention to.

Julia brought us to a lake and some of the children were a little worried when they spotted a floating bird’s nest in it!

We also visited the fairy’s forest and many of the children run around looking for the homes of the fairies. The children sang “Twinkle twinkle little star” to the fairies. We didn’t actually spot any fairies but a few of us thought we heard some!

After lunch we all tried our hands at crazy golf. Robyn thought it was lots fun trying to get the golf ball through and in the holes. Mia was our golf expert and said that she had got lessons from her dad! We also had a super ride on the pony and trap. Thanks Charlie for pulling us fast enough to feel the wind. There were climbing walls, big slides and swings, tractors and diggers in the playground area and we made good use of them.

We all made our way back to the bus a little wearier. Most of the children looked a bit tired but happy. They got another burst of energy and excitement when they spotted all the Mummys, Daddys, brothers and sisters who were waiting on our return to Crawford Childcare Glanmire for the bus to come back.

Thanks to all the staff at Tir Na Si open farm for making our day so special. A big thank you to all the children and parents who came along to. Be sure to check out the many photos in our reception area of a really special day.

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  1. its great to see the children interact with the animals and great to see you had lovely weather for your outing.

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