Enjoying the outdoors at Crawford

Enjoying the outdoors at Crawford

Discovery Room

While out on a hike one day last week Amelia spotted some apples growing on the trees. ‘Look apples!’, she exclaimed to her friends Peig and Sophia.

Some of the children then decided to go on an apple tree hunt and they compared the leaves on the trees to see if any of our other trees were apple trees. Conor spotted a tree and said’ Look that one looks like a different tree.’Peig noted that we would have to wait and see if apples grew on it.

After our hunt we discussed the importance of washing and cutting the apples before eating them. After the chat it was time to eat the apples!


Sophia’s Mum mentioned that Sophia sometimes picks blackberries with her Nana and Conor’s Dad told us that Conor’s art work is displayed on the wall at home.


Adventure Room

We decided it was time to give our bug hotel a sprucing up so we placed some stones in the hotel and painted them. Ethan decided to paint his stone blue, while Sam and Samuel collected some grass and leaves to put on the stones. Some children came over from the Discovery room and helped us with the painting. When Fiadh came over to see what we were doing she spotted a bug on one of the stones! He obviously like the new additions to the bug hotel. Ethan’s Mum loved the improvements to the bug hotel while Samuel took time to show it to his Dad.


Exploring Room

We picked some flowers in the garden and got two trays of paint ready outside. The children then used the flowers dipped in paint to decorate our outdoor walls. Some children decided their hands were better at painting and stamped them in the paint and then onto the walls. Killian was very busy mixing the paint in the trays with his hands.

Now our outdoor area is full of colour thanks to the artwork of the exploring room children and they really enjoyed doing it!

Parents were amazed at how great the wall now looks saying what wonderful artists and how it was great to see lots of colours outside.


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