Play and learn at Crawford

Play and learn at Crawford

Here at Crawford Childcare , part of our philosophy is to help children to learn to socialise and communicate with both adults and their peers. Children learn many of their social skills through play. At Crawford Childcare, Glanmire the children play outdoors as often as possible and they especially enjoy water and sand play.

Here is an insight into one of our Toddler teams observations. We hope you enjoy it!

James decided to play at the water table. He knows that he must wear a protective apron when playing with water and asked an adult to help him. He happily played by himself with the jug and cups. Daniel wanted to play with James but didn’t want to wear an apron. He watched James pour the water back and forth and then ran off to ride the trike. Later a younger friend joined James at the water table. She started to talk to him in her own words and splashed water with her hands, having lots of fun. She got a cup and threw the water into the air, wetting both herself and James. James moved away and said he was wet. She stopped to look at his face and saw he was not happy. She continued to throw the water until an adult explained to her that James did not like it. She gave him a hug and said sorry. Seamus put an apron on by himself and took a cup of water up to his mouth to pretend to drink from it. "Cup of tea" he said. The younger friend reflected his play but began to drink the water. James told her the water was dirty though before she managed to. She offered him and Seamus a drink in the cup. They all pretended to drink the water and started to laugh. James really enjoyed playing with his friends.

Each room and each day holds so many different adventures and learning experiences for the children. We love sharing these with you. Friday 6th March is our fund raising event for Irish Autism Action so please remember your child’s PJs. We are looking forward to lots of sleep over type fun all day long!!

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  1. Love this blog, it gives a real insight into the little details behind the high level summary we get from James everyday. Thank you!

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