Summer time in Crawford

Summer time in Crawford

Sunday 21st June 2015 was our longest day of the year and reminds us all that summer is well under way. There is a lot of talk of holidays around the crèche.

Some children are already coming back with their tales of their breaks to France, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and other counties in Ireland! Thanks so much for the postcards. We love getting them and it is always fun to see whether the child or postcard wins the race back to crèche to tell us the holiday news. Other children are full of plans. Apparently we even have someone flying out to Kenmare!!

We have heard great stories about playing on beaches, building sandcastles, collecting seashells, water jets, slides and swimming. We have also talked about staying safe in the sun. We all wear sunhats, sun cream and protective clothing at this time of year during outside play. We all make sure we have plenty of water to drink as well to stay hydrated.

Our garden area needs plenty of watering and the children are very willing helpers during plant watering time. We have looked at collected seashells and stones, talked about going fishing and created art and craft of fishes, starfishes and seashells. The children love spending time outside and it gives them first-hand experiences at observing animals such as birds, butterflies, beetles, spiders, ants and ladybirds. Bug hunts are always popular and we hope to build bug hotels in each of our outdoor areas very soon – we will keep you updated.

The long sunny days are also perfect for outdoor eating and picnics. Yum! Our summer camps started on Thursday 25th June and will be running up until Friday 28th August inclusive, spaces are very limited but talk to Sarah or Cathy to find out about availability. More details on our camps next week!

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