The Latest in Crawford

The Latest in Crawford

If you are a regular follower of us on Facebook you will know that everyone in the crèche has been learning about different careers and professions recently.

First to visit Crawford Childcare crèche was Garda Noel. We learned about bike safety, car safety and who to go to if we ever get lost in a shop. Some of our aspiring Gardas got to try on Noel’s hat and handcuffs. We then got to work making our own Garda hats, badges and cars.

Second to visit the crèche was Firefighter Fiona. She has to do a lot of training just to carry her helmet and jacket. We couldn’t believe how heavy they both were when we tried them on. We learned never to hide from firefighters if there is a fire and to get out quick and tell an adult if we ever spotted one. We also learned that a firefighter’s helmet tells you a lot about the fire fighter. A white helmet means this is the person in charge and emblems on the side show a high level of first aid training. Fiona was also a lollipop lady and worked with animals in the past so we had lots to talk about.

In the upcoming weeks we are hoping for a visit from the local vet as well as a representative from Dogs Trust – we will keep you posted.

Graduation preparations are progressing and the excitement is starting to build for our Montessori Graduation Ceremony on Wednesday 25th June 2014. Parents of graduating children are asked to arrive on the day at 10.30 for an 11 o’clock start. The Montessori have started work on their performance and we hope that all the parents of graduating children will be able to join us for a small get together afterwards.

Many of the children will be staying on for summer camps of course – be sure to book your place if you have not already done so. We have purchased specialised equipment to implement a recognised sports programme for 3 to 5 year olds. This includes games and activities to develop spatial awareness, basic motor skills, co-ordination and control, aiming/ predicting/ estimating in a non-competitive and fully inclusive way.

We are hoping for a warm summer and will be putting up an outside gazebo at the end of June to act as our summer camp base so that we can spend most of our summer camp outdoors. We are really looking forward to it! Contact Sarah or Cathy for more details or if you would like to book your child into the summer camp on 021 4820630 or

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