The Latest in Crawford

The Latest in Crawford

The babies have been exploring their musical sides recently. A music station was made by our team which included drums, home made shakers, pots, pans and spoons. The music consisting of our babies’ voices and clatters have even been heard in our car park at times.

The toddlers have been doing lots of activities around the alphabet and colours. It has been especially fun to mix colours. One of our toddlers was really excited to find that she could make a “Barney” colour by mixing red and blue paint. After this discovery she then painted her arms up to her elbow because she wanted to pretend to be Barney “just for a little bit”!

Meanwhile in the Montessori our pre schoolers are continuing their journey around the globe. Last week we stopped off in Europe, made flags and tasted an array of food. This week in the Montessori we are exploring Antarctica. Our Montessori teachers have added Antarctica friezes to the shelves especially for this. These have been introduced to the children during circle time and the children can choose to work with them on an individual basis during Montessori work time. Whales and penguins are our Montessori children’s favorite animals from Antarctica. We have also been discussing how to keep warm and what clothes to wear in the cold weather. Teachers and children have all been kept very busy. The children are eager to learn and are very happy in their work.

Each child’s happiness is of utmost importance to the team at Crawford Childcare just as it was to Maria Montessori herself when she argued that “One test of the correctness of the educational procedure is the happiness of the child.” It is good to know we are on the right track!

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