Tricks and Treats at Crawford Childcare

Tricks and Treats at Crawford Childcare

This week all 3 rooms will be celebrating Halloween! Halloween is full of stories, symbols treats and games which make it so fascinating to learn about.

Each room has carved its own pumpkin which the children have now named, Penelope, Mr. Pumpkin and Oisin. There were a lot of ideas about what was actually in the pumpkins before we opened them. We found pulp and slippery seeds! The children tested the pumpkins for weight and liked its fruity smell. Each child will make a pumpkin wish for Halloween – we hope they all come true!

All the rooms have been echoing with witches cackles as the children get into character. The children have also been practicing Thriller type moves and ghostly dances to music.

Traditional games like bobbing apple and snap apple are favourites this week. We have a determined bunch of children this year who just keep going until they catch their choice of apple.

The babies have turned their story area into a witches den for special story sessions which includes a cave, shrouded in black web netting, a witch and a cauldron. Hubble bubble! There are lots of Halloween songs and stories to share as well – nothing to scary though. Here is one of our favourite Halloween tales “In the dark, dark wood”. Remember to start out in your normal story telling voice and get quieter and quieter until a surprise loud BOO! At the end.

In the dark, dark wood,
There is a dark, dark, path.
Down the dark, dark path,
There is a dark, dark house.
In the dark, dark house,
There is a dark dark door.
Let’s open the dark, dark door.
Through the dark, dark door,
There is a dark, dark hall.
Down the dark, dark hall,
There is a dark, dark room.
In the dark, dark room,
There is a dark, dark cupboard.
Let’s open the dark, dark door.
In the dark, dark cupboard,
There lives a ghost!

Fancy dress always brings great excitement. We will be having a Halloween party for all the children attending on Thursday 31st October. Children and staff are all invited to dress in their trick or treating attire for this fun event. Parents to are also very welcome to join in the fun. We will be having healthy treats through out the day including carrot sticks, mandarins, apples and brack. There will also be lots of dancing, ghost trails, spooky hide and seek and other party fun. Watch out for the odd trick along the way to!

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