Whatever the weather it’s all fun in the Baby Room

Whatever the weather it’s all fun in the Baby Room

In the baby room at Crawford Childcare in Glanmire we have noticed that Mother Nature keeps changing her mind regarding the weather. So instead of planning for a sunny or rainy day the babies have decided to prepare for both by making some colourful sun/ rain umbrellas.

The umbrellas will be used for some ‘Singing in the rain’ as well as keeping us shaded for when ‘Mr Sun does shine down’. We used paper plates and lollipop sticks to make our multi purpose umbrellas. Ellie and Roisin really enjoyed choosing their rainbow colours for their umbrellas. While we were making our brollies it began to rain. Eoin gave us a few bars of ‘If all the raindrops’. The AH-AH-A-AH-AH’ could be heard all over the crèche.

The children had great fun making the umbrellas and Kate even showed us how to dance in the rain – no real rain used in this however. Just as we finished our umbrellas the sun came out so we sung ‘Mr.Sun’.

We looked at different pictures of other sorts of weather too. We pretended to jump in imaginary puddles in pretend wellie boots and rain jackets. Amelie and Eilish really enjoyed this and got very giddy. We stop short of taking the young babies out in the rain but maybe its something you might like to try occasionally with your child. Wrapping up snug, pulling on wellies and playing together in the rain can be lots of fun. Just remember there is no such thing as bad weather- just poor clothing.

At crèche the children like to weather watch and we learn lots of rhymes about the rain. Conor and Sadie find the ‘Old Man is Snoring’ very funny or maybe it is just how Charlene tells it and pretends to bump her head.

Learning about the weather is lots of fun and we always enjoy songs and rhymes. Our multi purpose brollies are going to get a lot of play – whatever the weather!

We are so lucky here at Crawford Childcare to have a lovely outdoor space. Please remember that whatever the weather it is still possible to go outside so long as appropriate clothing is worn. Make sure your baby is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws our way by providing suitable clothing and to open up all the learning opportunities being outside provides.

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